Here is a partial list of productions which I have either produced myself or participated in. Over the years I have recorded with so many artists on so many recordings that I have honestly lost track of them all. In the following list I present to you some of my personal favorites. Click on the picture to purchase a copy for yourself or friends and family.


„Old-time Swing Music! A Collection of Fine Classics Performed by the Rathaus Ramblers“

La premiere disque der Band Rathaus Ramblers bei www.sungroove.com

bietet den Zuhörern eine Sammlung auserlesenen Klassiker aus der Urzeit Jazz, Lieder wie „Crazy Bout my Baby!“ und „I'll See You In My Dreams“ aufgenommen von dem aufgezeichnetem Toningieneur Florent Chaintiou, auch der Chef der SunGroove Label, wo es der Ton ist der verführt. Bassist und Sänger Jonathan Robinson mit Jesus Vega am Schlagzeug, Igor Osypov an Gitarre, und Dima Bondarev an der Trompete schaffen ein authentisch jedoch gegenwärtiges Performance von den besten Songs aus dem Swing repertoire. Eine wichtige Sammlung für jedes Haushalt!

Jonathan Robinson, Dima Bondarev, Igor Osypov, Jesus Vega, and Florent Chaintiou have recorded a set of classic swing gems in high fidelity setting a standard while portraying the high-energy-old-time-love-jazz music for which the Rathaus Ramblers are known. Featuring the fat bass and silky voice of Jonathan Robinson, the masterful "Louis and beyond" trumpet performance of Dima Bondarev, the "Django in the 21st dimension" guitar work of Igor Osypov, and our wellness counselor in all things ting ting Jesus Vega in full trap-set regalia, this recording will please every fan of good honest music grounded in tradition.

Join us as we celebrate the official release of "Oldtime Swing Music", a collection of fine swing classics performed by the Rathaus Ramblers, available through www.sungroove.de Recorded by the award winning sound engineer
Florent Chaintiou, this disc is an important part of any collection in every household!

New Detroit


New Detroit is a live recording that is accompanied by several music videos, a tour, and audio media (i.e. a physical cd and a digital download). New Detroit documents a live performance of the Kelvin Sholar Group at Ritter Butzke in Berlin. We were featured artists during BerMuDa (i.e. Berlin Music Days), Berlin's best electronic music festival. The concert was subtitled "XO: crossing the boundaries of jazz, classic and electronic" and it featured the Kalavan Suite and live intepretations of Detroit Techno Classics by Jeff Mills, Rob Hood and Juan Atkins.

Spatial Stasis

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Released by: ITM 2009 catalogue number: 14126
On “Spatial Stasis” Jonathan Robinson exceeds beyond the linear flow and the boundaries of space and time, and explores anew. On three occasions he turns to an aleatory theme, whose compositions bear names like Dfrnz - a word that is born through uncontrolled grip on the computer keyboard. And “But then again ...,” where “the musicians tell a story together, each leading the way yet remaining tightly to the narrative.” Leading eventually to the last piece of the album, Make It Break It - the title stands for itself.
One notices from the designation of the pieces and also of the album: Jonathan Robinson loves, like playing with sounds, playing with words. Each title reflects an idea and even offers space for new ideas. And humour is always, even a joke, in the game - Robinson’s humour remains subliminal, multilayered, only to be seen on the second glance. Similarly, his approach to life, which is marked by clarity, calm serenity and seriousness: "Serenity" he says, “is important to me”. - Carina Prange, Jazzdimensions.de

The Path Here

482 Music

The Path Here

Musicians: Greg Burk (piano, washint), Jonathan Robinson (bass, thumb piano), Gerald Cleaver (drums, percussion

On his 5th release for 482 Music, the Rome-based pianist travels forward into his past, reuniting with old friends Gerald Cleaver and Jonathan Robinson, and revisiting several of his compositions in a relaxed and melodic album that is his most immediately accessible.

“Frankly this is my dream trio." Burk says. "I've known and have been playing with these guys for almost 20 years. Gerald and I go back to the days when we lived in Detroit and it was all swing all the time; I feel right at home playing that way, or really any way, with Gerald. Jonathan is living in Berlin and often comes to Italy to play with me, and vice-versa. We've done tours in Europe and gigs in Boston and NYC when I was living in Boston. This is the trio that recorded Carpe Momentum for Soul Note, with Jerry Bergonzi as a guest.”

Burk has been praised as “a startlingly original improviser” (All About Jazz), “a confident, measured and thoughtful writer” (Cadence) and “a pianist and composer with vigorous, freewheeling ideas that always feel grounded in a well-reasoned structure” (Boston Herald).




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Chaos is the inspirtation, Country Blues is the music. This latest CD is an offering at the Crossroads.










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Unity6 - Rot

Cover: Chris Hinze/Herbert Weisrock

There is much going on this wonderful CD. This wonderful CD shows the beauty and kind gentleness that can be found in atonality. The precision and beauty of the players in this regard overwhelms me and no one forces their tones. The drums are a constant contribution to this sensitivity.

Ernst Bier – drums

Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone, sousaphone

Regis Molina – altosax, baritonsax, flute

Matthias Schubert – tenorsax

Kelvin Sholar – piano

Jonathan Robinson – bass, banjo

 People like this could save the human race. 

                                                           N H Derwyn Holder, Dec, 2012




Carpe Momentum

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Carpe Momentum
(Soul Note, 2004)

Greg Burk, piano/composer
Jerry Bergonzi, soprano
and tenor saxophones
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Gerald Cleaver, drums

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Berlin Bright
(Soul Note, 2007)

Greg Burk, pianist/composer
Ignaz Dinne`, alto and soprano saxophones
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Andrea Marcelli, drums

Berlin Bright

Checking In


Checking In
(Soul Note, 2002)

Greg Burk, piano/composer
Jonathan Robinson, bass
Bob Moses, drums and percussion

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